Sowing Ancestral Miracles

From the Andes, cradle of the main superfoods in the world, we lovingly bring the best products for you. These miracles of nature are made in the healthiest way, having only as ingredients our mother earth and the wisdom inherited by the communities that are dedicated to cultivating them.

To this day, the MINKA tradition is maintained in the Andes, which is the voluntary work of all members of a community in order to help other families with their crops, construction of houses or other tasks. Thanks to this solidarity tradition of the Andean people, the development of the communities from which our main products come is sustainable.

Adopt wellness and support others on their journey to a healthy life.

To be compassionate, act with integrity, value those around you, and respect the environment.

The Inti was the main God of the Inca Empire, designated as the creator of the Universe. He was adored for bringing forth crops, curing diseases, and giving security to the world. It was known that he used to give energy to the earth for the cultivation of food. Until today, in the Andes festivals are celebrated in honor of Inti so that our food crops have the best energy of the Cosmos.

The chakana is the main Andean symbol and represents the bridge or ladder to the top. In the chakana all the social, religious and geographical beliefs of the Inca Empire are explained. Studies indicate that the Chakana was also an astrological instrument, a calendar for crops and a compass to guide oneself in the Empire.

The Pachamama is the feminine goddess of the earth and fertility, an agricultural divinity conceived as the mother who nourishes, protects and sustains human beings. In the Inca tradition, she is the deity of communal agriculture, the foundation of all civilization and the Andean State. All the products you will find in Andean Market pay tribute to Pachamama! Love mother earth, source of life.

Allin Munay is one of the three main values of the Andean culture. This principle has been inherited from the Inca Empire until today and it´s translated on how to love well, by living in harmony with love. All the products that you can find in Andean Market have the guarantee of being done by the Allin Munay concept!

Allin Yachay represents Good Knowledge. The learning that passes from generation to generation ensures that each task is carried out in perfect harmony with nature, health and the values of our ancestors. All the products that we offer you in Andean Market carry this value!

Allin Ruray means Do Good. Since the Inca Empire this value has been fulfilled, which provides us with food and products with the best possible quality, respecting nature, life and the Gods. At Andean Market we only offer products that guarantee fair trade, Non GMO, organic and sustainability with nature.

Who we are

We are in love with nature and the wellness that a good diet brings. In our search for the foods that can provide us the best benefits, we reached out to the Peruvian Andes and rediscovered the best foods and natural medicines. The earth, the climate and their people are the main characters of these miracles of nature.

We travel to different native communities to rescue the knowledge inherited from generation to generation, their traditions and work to achieve superfoods in a sustainable and respectful way with nature, as they have been doing since the Inca empire.

Our vision is to bring you well-being through the best natural foods, in a sustainable way with the environment and it´s communities. We maintain direct contact with the main producers, we carry out the logistics of the products from the Andes to our warehouses in Florida and California, and we deliver them to your door.
All the products we offer in Andean Market are: 100% natural, organic, pesticides less, sustainable and fair trade, not tested on animals and plant based.

This is how we represent it with our products and with our brand, which is why our logo carries a value that characterizes us in each isotype.

We invite you to discover them clicking in each isotype!


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